This article gives you a tour of Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) features in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. This article presumes that you have upgraded your Galaxy S6 or S6 edge to Marshmallow.

After your S6 or S6 edge completes the upgrade, you see the same Samsung interface as in Android 5.0 (Lollipop). On your Home screen, you’ll notice that the only indication that you upgraded is how a few icons look, including the Apps icon.

Big deal, you say? There’s more just waiting to be discovered. Therefore, I start our tour of Marshmallow by looking at the Quick Settings and Notifications area changes. When you open the Quick Settings and Notifications from any screen, the most immediate changes you see in the screen is a color change. The Screen Rotation feature name and icon has also changed; this feature is now called Auto Rotate.

What’s more, the S Finder option is not visible. You can still connect devices to your Galaxy S6 or S6 edge by tapping Quick Connect. If you look at the bottom of the screen, you see the name of your Wi-Fi network.

The Settings icon still appears in the right side of the screen as it did in Lollipop. However, the Edit feature is hidden. You can view all 15 feature quick settings by tapping the down arrow icon to the right of the Settings icon.

Next, I explore updated settings and apps you’ll likely use most often. For example, in the Settings screen there are two new settings within the Personal tab. First, view the Home screen tiles on the screen by tapping Home Screen. You see the icons for changing your screen wallpaper and viewing the Widgets screen.

You can also view and change your Google settings by tapping Google within the Google settings screen.

Within the Settings screen, you can confirm that you have the latest version of Android (6.0.1) in the About Device list. You can also view the security patch version within this list. Your Galaxy S6 (or S6 edge) scans for security patches automatically to protect you from Android malware. You can ensure that you have the most recent security patch by tapping Software Update at the top of the About Device list.

Note that I discuss apps in this article that I also discussed in my book My Samsung Galaxy S6.