One of the ways I want to help make this blog valuable to you is to offer not just the latest news and links to websites. I also offer articles that are available at a small charge. These articles supplement material in my recent books.

For example, I’ve written two recent books: My Samsung Galaxy S6 and My Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. So the first two articles I’ve written are about new versions of Android for these two devices. Specifically, both articles talk about what you’ll find after you upgrade to Marshmallow, or Android 6.0. I don’t just talk about what’s new in Marshmallow — I include a number of screenshots so you can see what’s going on. These first two articles are 5-6 pages long and that’s the length I’m aiming for with future articles.

At least one of those future articles will be for readers of My Samsung Galaxy S7. Android 7.0, called Nougat, will soon be available on the Galaxy S7. If you’ve upgraded or you plan to upgrade and want to know what Nougat is all about, you’ll see an article about it here soon.

And all of these articles are just 99 cents each. Just click on the article title to get a preview and purchase the article in PDF format.

Speaking of PDF, you can learn more about Acrobat integration with Microsoft Office 365 in my e-book PDF Handbook for Office 365. This e-book tells you how to convert your Office documents to PDF format. You’ll also learn how to prepare and send PDF files for review, change settings, and find PDF resources.

Best of all, the e-book is free. And this e-book is not just a short story — it has over 100 pages of good stuff. You can open the file here. If you like the book, save it to your computer or device at your leisure.

More valuable stuff is coming. Please let me know if there’s any resources you’d like to see.