Course Correction

I said this blog was going to move to my business website over three months ago. I've been so busy since then that it feels like I wrote that last post three weeks ago. So why hasn't this blog moved? Because I've been going back and forth about who this blog is for...

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Blog Moving Time

This blog is moving to a new home: the Butow Communications Group (BCG) website. Since the blog launched in October 2016, we've had a chance to see how the blog was received. It's clear that this blog can be of better use for current and prospective BCG customers....

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Review Your Website Now

I recently wrote a review of a potential client's WordPress website. This website has a lot of good things going for it: It looks inviting, its mobile version looks good, and it has the right amount of information for its intended audience. I also found a number of...

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Review Your Important Stuff Today

I keep all my important stuff in my bank safe deposit box. By important stuff, I mean my life insurance policy, will, advance health care directive, and password spreadsheets stored on a USB drive. I revised my life insurance policy recently after I received a letter...

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Contract Good, Uncertainty Bad

Whenever a client and I agree to work together, I send the client a draft contract that contains suggested deadlines. I build my contract from a template that clearly states we need to work together to make the project come to life. That means we must send each other...

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Why I Left the Better Business Bureau

The past few weeks have been busy for me as I add or renew personal and business memberships. I also dropped my membership in the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The reason for the latter has to do with passwords and privacy. I joined the BBB in 2011. Last year, the BBB...

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Nougat Update Article Now for the Galaxy Tab S2

Last month, Samsung rolled out the Android 7.0 (Nougat) update for the Galaxy Tab S2. Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab S3 with Nougat in March, but if you think the Tab S2 is just fine, then a free upgrade to Nougat on your Tab S2 may be what you're looking for. If...

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My RoboHelp 2017 Course is Now on Udemy

I've used RoboHelp since 1996 (hard to believe that's 21 years ago, isn't it?) and I've also developed several online courses for Adobe's online help creation software for previous versions. Now my new course for the latest version, RoboHelp 2017, is available on...

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New Galaxy S7 Nougat Article (and Yes, More)

I'm back with a new article about using Android 7.0, called Nougat, on the Galaxy S7. Samsung released the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus last Friday, and the media reaction has ranged from good to meh. This is a far cry (or at least a cry) from the universal...

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