Check your website to make sure it's working right

I recently wrote a review of a potential client’s WordPress website. This website has a lot of good things going for it: It looks inviting, its mobile version looks good, and it has the right amount of information for its intended audience.

I also found a number of issues with the site for the client to consider:

  • The page title of the site and the site address were different from the actual name of the business. That may cause confusion with viewers, not to mention search engines.
  • The site descriptions in the site code didn’t have any information about the site. Instead, the descriptions mentioned Facebook and WordPress. These descriptions are not search-friendly.
  • It should come as no surprise that the site didn’t have any WordPress SEO plugins, so it’s harder for search engines to find the site.
  • The social media icons were a bit too small on the mobile site. This makes the site a little harder to use.
  • Only one of the social media icons went to the actual social media profile. When you tap on any of the other icons, they all go back to the website.
  • The copyright date is 2014. Not updating your copyright makes your site look outdated…and may convince people not to return.

Do any of these issues look familiar to you when you view your website?

If so, don’t wait to update. Use whatever reason you want. The fact that we’re now in the second half of 2017 is a good motivator. Catching up with — or beating — your competition is another.