How Long is the Holiday Season?

I've heard others say they're happy that the holiday season is over, which strikes me as a bit odd. After all, the President's Day weekend has just begun. What's more, the gift and card sections at my local grocery and drug stores are filled with stuff for Easter. So...

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Google Chrome Security: What It Means for You

Google updated its Chrome browser to version 56 a couple of weeks ago. Chrome is still the most popular browser available with about 52% market share as of January 2017 according to StatCounter ( This new version contains some important security...

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My RoboHelp 2015 Course is Now on Udemy

I've used RoboHelp since 1996 (hard to believe that's 21 years ago, isn't it?) and I've also developed several online courses for Adobe's online help creation software for previous versions. Now my new course for the latest version, RoboHelp 2015, is available on...

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Articles, PDF e-Books, and Other Valuables

One of the ways I want to help make this blog valuable to you is to offer not just the latest news and links to websites. I also offer articles that are available at a small charge. These articles supplement material in my recent books. For example, I've written two...

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Start 2017 Productively: Convert Office Files to PDF

Ten years ago, I wrote an e-book for an online publisher. He wanted to know how to create PDF files from Microsoft Office (especially Excel) with Adobe Acrobat. Things didn't work out between me and the publisher and so we negotiated a transfer of the copyright to me....

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Almost all the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus information leaks along with official images

::  26 March 2017 :: SamMobile :: Asif S.  ::

Even though Samsung is trying everything it can to plug the Galaxy S8 leaks, morRead more

Samsung’s new wireless charger can be a pad or a stand, depending on how you like it

::  25 March 2017 :: SamMobile :: Abhijeet M.  ::

Samsung started taking wireless charging seriously with the Galaxy S6 and GalaxyRead more

Prices of Galaxy S8 accessories including DeX Station revealed

::  25 March 2017 :: SamMobile :: Adnan F.  ::

Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus next week and the neRead more

The Alt-doc: Unconventional Docs and Users

::  22 March 2017 :: Tech Writer Today Magazine by TechWhirl :: Phil Davis  ::

Frankly, the workday isn’t always so majestic and the goals and motivations notRead more

Adobe TCS 2017 & the Tech Comm Ecosystem: A Fast 5 Interview with Joe Welinske

::  16 March 2017 :: Tech Writer Today Magazine by TechWhirl :: Connie Giordano  ::

In our recent Fast 5 interview, Joe Welinske assessed the Adobe Technical CommunRead more

Dammit, Siri, Just Fit the Table of Contents on One Page!

::  14 March 2017 :: Tech Writer Today Magazine by TechWhirl :: Dan Goldstein  ::

These tasks don’t require incisive editing or the creation of new content. They’Read more

New Tech Books Help People 50+ This Holiday Season

::  16 November 2015 :: Que Publishing :: Press Releases

Que Publishing and AARP Release Six New Books in SeriesRead more

Que Publishing and AARP Release First Four Books of Series

::  13 November 2014 :: Que Publishing :: Press Releases

New tech books help people 50+ get tech-savvy.Read more

Que Publishing Releases Pottermore Secrets and Mysteries Revealed: The Unofficial Guide to

::  6 December 2012 :: Que Publishing :: Press Releases

Your Training at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Awaits!Read more




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